Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers & Principals



1. Which grades do you work with? 

The grades we work with are normally from grades seven to twelve.


2. What styles of dance do you offer?

We offer different styles under the genre of hip-hop such as breaking (breakdance), popping, locking, house, old school, and choreography.


3. Do your programs have a theme and would the school have any input into what this might be?

Our programs are based around hope and helping students find their voice, which leads them towards leaving a legacy and becoming positive influencers in their communities. Our show content is set and cannot be altered; however, when we address the students at the end of the show, we will take your input into consideration.


4. How many instructors are teaching the program?

Depending on the number of students participating, we have two to four dance instructors and one to two spoken artists.


5. What is the max number of students you can teach at one time?

For dance classes, we can teach no more than sixty students (two classes) at one time. For spoken we prefer no more than thirty students (one class).


6. How long/short should each class be? 

Our classes can be as short as you want them to be, but no longer than 1 & 1/2 hrs.


7. Do you have the necessary liability insurance and security clearances that the board requires?

Yes, we have necessary liability insurance, WCB coverage, and current police checks.


8. Will the kids do a performance at the end of the workshops?

If time permits, we allow the students to showcase the dances and other art forms that they've learned throughout the day or week after the workshops.


9. Where will you be performing your production?

We will be performing 1,000 Voices in the gym unless the school theater can fit the whole stage set-up. Stage measurements are found on our programs page of the website.


10. What must the school provide? 

We will need water for our workshops and performances. Legacy One also requires a healthy lunch meal (preferably sandwiches along with a fruit and vegetable tray). If the school can provide coffee as well, that would be greatly appreciated. More information can be found on our Legacy One Rider.