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Established in 2010, Legacy One is an urban arts collective that empowers people to realize their potential, overcome adversity and become influencers in their community.

We empower our audience and share our stories through writing and producing a highly engaging show utilizing our art forms: spoken word poetry, music, and media. By sharing our own stories of struggle, we desire to encourage students and let them know that they are not alone while giving them tools to persevere and overcome their current struggle.

According to Statistics Canada, Teenagers and Young Adults aged 15-24 experience the highest incidents of mental disorders of any age. Young people also deal with intense pressure and are impaired by many struggles: depression, bullying, cyber-bullying, eating disorders, self-harm, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, loneliness and suicide. Legacy One addresses these issues and empowers youth to overcome struggles by finding their unique voice. We define voice as the element that makes them come alive, giving them hope and a purpose – it is their gifts, passions, and potential. We believe that this voice lives in each person, waiting to be discovered and utilized.

Over the last eight years, Legacy One has had a global impact sharing our show and stories for thousands of students across five countries: Canada, United States, England, Malta and South Africa.


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