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Hip-Hop Dance Workshops

Spoken Word Poetry Workshops

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School Assembly (One Hour)


BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE is a one-hour presentation that uses live music, spoken word and media - to speak to the reality that we all face many struggles in life. We often can feel alone and hopeless in these struggles. In this show we highlight three types of struggle: struggles within, struggles handed to us and the struggle to continue to hope. This show inspires people that there is hope in the midst of struggle and reveals that they are not alone. We bring hope to people who are feeling overwhelmed and buried in their pain, and empower them to persevere through their hardship to become who they are meant to be. 


Hip-Hop Dance Workshop

Perfect for physical education, music, and/or drama classes. classes. Our Legacy One dancers will teach your students different dance styles under the umbrella of hip-hop (breaking/breakdancing house, old school, popping, locking) and give them a basic understanding and knowledge of these styles. 


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Spoken Word Poetry Workshop

Perfect for English, music, and/or drama classes. Our Legacy One poets will teach your students the history of spoken word poetry, where it came from, and where it has evolved to. We will show a wide variety of spoken word examples as well as walk the students through a process of writing, teaching and performing the basics of what makes up the literary art of spoken word poetry.

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