“Legacy One was the best thing our school has ever done, and the best assembly we have ever had.”

“I will always remember the wisdom Legacy One bestowed upon me.”

“Your performance at our school inspired a lot of people.”

“Your message was exactly what this school needed, thank you for sharing with us.”


“The most powerful assembly I have ever witnessed in my 15 plus years of teaching.”

“Literally brought tears to my eyes.”

“Your love of dance and knowledge in this area is incredible.”

“Your message was positive and motivating. Most importantly the students were involved and engaged!”

“You guys know you don’t charge enough for this right? Seriously!”

“They taught 300 students over the course of the day. They were able to maintain our student’s attention, create a fun learning environment for ALL our students (grades 9-12) and we were impressed with the assertiveness and enthusiasm of the members of Legacy One” 

Schools we have partnered with:

Canada / US / Malta 

- University of Malta                                                       - Bishop McNally High School
- Bob Edwards Junior High School
- Ian Bazalgette Junior High School
- Sir John A. MacDonald Junior High School
- Branton Jr. High School
- Centennial High School
- Forest Lawn (after school workshops)
- J.C. Percy Page School
- Lilian Osborne School
- T.D. Baker Junior High School
- Jasper Place School
- Kelowna Secondary School
- Bishop James Mahoney High School
- Holy Cross High School
- Bethlehem Catholic High School
- St. Joseph Catholic High School
- Langley Christian School
- Langley Fine Arts School
- Revelstoke Secondary School
- Abbotsfod Traditional Middle School
- Rainbow Lake School
- High Level School
- Fort Vermillion School
- Rocky Lane School
- M.E. Lazerte School
- Eden Valley School/ Reserve (Chief Jacob)
- St. Monica School
- Choices Alternative School
- Beaumont Secondary School
- Bearspaw Christian School
- Glenmore Christan Academy
- Calmar Secondary School



- Joseph Leckie Academy
- Phoenix Collegiate
- The Jane Lane School
- Kingsmead Technology College
- Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School
- Staffordshire University Academy
- Hednesford Valley High School
- Cheslyn Hay Primary School
- Falconer Boy's School
- St. Gregory the Great School
- Cheney Oxford School
- W.G. Murdoch High School
- Crowsnest Pass Consolidated High School
- Hughenden School
- Matthew Halton High School
- Kehew Asiniy School (Saddle Lake)
- Barriere Secondary SChool
- Acwsalcta School (Bella Coola)
- Lake District Secondary School (Burns Lake)
- Fort St. James School
- Fraser Lake Elementary School
- Beattie School of the Arts
- Nakusp Secondary School
- Wellington Secondary sCHOOL
- Lucerne Elementary & Secondary School
- Oceanside Middle School
- Stony Plain Central School
- Surrey Christian Secondary School
- City Central Learning Centre
- Nechako Valley Secondary School
- Duncan Christian School
- Craig Flower Elementary School
- Rock Heights School
- Mary Duncan School
- John Grant High School (Montreal)
- Lynx High School (Montreal)
- Perspectives High School (Montreal)
- Saskatoon Christian School
- Creighton Community High School
- Jonas Samson Junior High School
- Carpenter High School
- Chief Naphew Memorial School (Big Island Lake)
- Cornerstone Christian School
- Rouleau High School