+ What the Day will look Like +

The full-day experience begins with the Beautiful Struggle show, followed by workshops. This combination allows students to hear our artists' stories, what they have experienced, and how they were able to overcome their struggles. This is very helpful when teaching the workshops as students are able to relate to the artists as regular people, instead of seeing them as performers who have it all figured out. These combined experiences have been very successful in helping students overcome mental health issues. Your students will gain a better understanding of themselves and how they can persevere through struggles and whatever life throws at them.

Beautiful Struggle Show

Through spoken word poetry, music and media, Legacy One has developed a highly engaging and relevant presentation called "Beautiful Struggle." This presentation focuses on the true potential of students by helping them recognize that the struggles they face are not meant to break them. The show addresses the struggles students face within themselves (fear, depression, anxiety, etc), the struggles handed to them without their choosing (death, sickness, injury, family environment, etc) and the struggle to hope in their ability to grow through these challenges (perseverance, character, resilience). Beautiful Struggle is an extremely transformational one-hour experience for your school and your students.  

Flip-The-Script Workshop

This workshop tag teams with the themes that emerge within the show “Beautiful Struggle”. It challenges students to examine the scripts that have been handed to them in life, and then make the choice to flip their stories by using their struggles as opportunities to overcome. We will visit the Flip-The-Script Hall of Fame where students will learn about well known people who have taken their struggles and flipped them into success stories. As well, students will learn Flip Philosophies; the beliefs that we need to adopt to flip-our-scripts with a healthy mindset. This workshop is recommended for a minimum time frame of 1 hour and designed to follow the show within a classroom type setting.

Spoken Word Workshop 

Words have the power to create, to heal, and to change one's perspective. Throughout history poetry has been at the forefront of speaking fresh life into culture - helping people see life from a new perspective.  In this workshop students will be taught the history and different styles of spoken word poetry, how to write and perform spoken word poems and how to think creatively.  At the end of the workshop students will perform their own piece - participating in their own poetry slam! This can be taught in an individual class as a 1 hour workshop or an all day intensive.